Meet Me on the Mountain is an evocative and cinematic experience that confronts a complicated reality. Julia has to recolor the world and use her camera lenses to solve the mysteries of the present and uncover the past. Help Julia in her emotional journey through a landscape of hand-painted scenes and a powerful soundtrack.

Release Date: August 2023

Developer: Psychic City Games, Ranida Games

Popular user-defined tags for this product: Indie, Puzzle, Interactive Fiction

Platform/s: PC, Switch, XBOX

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See the world through another lens as you help Julia solve puzzles using the power of color. Unlock the mysteries of her past through a journey into the hand-painted landscapes of a strange yet familiar world.

Armed with your trusty camera, a set of curiously magical lens filters, and a newfound ability to manipulate the hues of the world around you, explore every area to get to the bottom of the odd occurrences you’ve just woken up to.





At its core, Meet Me on the Mountain is a story about the power of memories, and how far our love can take us — in good and in bad ways. The most important thing you’ll learn in the game is not how to mix colors or how to take the perfect photo; it’s the lengths that we go through to protect our most cherished memories, and the pains of letting go of the past. Join Julia on an emotional journey through the experiences that shaped her, as she discovers the strength to keep going when life, and love, leave us behind.




JULIA is a workaholic woman living in Quezon City. She is very closed off from most people, except her sister, AMELIA, who convinces her to get treatment for her clinical depression. She is the designated caretaker of AMELIA.

AMELIA is JULIA’s older sister. She is a painter who loves nature, and is JULIA’s closest friend. She mostly stays at home in Laguna, as she has lupus and is too sick to go out. She often invites JULIA to go hiking, so they could see the flowers up close, but dies before they get to do so.



The narrative follows Julia, a photographer, through a reconstruction of her memories as she experiences a mental breakdown from dealing with the unbearable grief of her older sister, Amelia, dying from lupus. The game will feature 5 chapters where the player navigates important parts of Julia’s life and her relationship with Amelia, culminating in the final act of healing where Julia finally accepts Amelia’s death and begins a new journey in life with a new perspective.